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The Yogic Art of Energy Flow

Experience an important group of practices that promotes the free flow of energy and profoundly affects the body and mind. Develop awareness of the body’s movements and the subtle effects they have at various levels of being.

No experience required. Suitable for all levels. Modifications will be provided to support your practice.

Instructor: Kapil Agrawal

JOINTS: Saturday October 12th, 3pm to 5pm

Release energy blockages and tensions from the joints of the body. Excellent for joint health.

ABDOMEN: Saturday October 19, 3pm to 5pm

Release energy blockages in the abdomen. Excellent for strengthening the digestive system.

SPINE: Saturday October 26, 3pm to 5pm

Release energy blockages in the spine. Excellent for improving vitality, immune system, and endocrine function.

Price: $35 for any single workshop, $95 for entire series

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