discover your inner light.

There is not a single path nor the right path.  There is only your radiant path. Our mission is to encourage, support, and nurture your journey towards transformation.


A home to practice

Radiant Path Yoga is a friendly neighborhood yoga studio offering heart-opening, alignment-based Hatha yoga classes for all ages, abilities and levels of experience.

RPY’s outstanding teachers provide progressive and encouraging instruction to support your ongoing practice. You’ll enhance your strength, flexibility, concentration, balance, inner peace, and joy. It is our mission to honor, empower, and inspire your path toward personal growth and well being.

Our classes  

Classes include movement, relaxation, breathing, and postural awareness lessons. Our method is inspired by therapeutic alignment principles and the life affirming wisdom of yoga philosophy. RPY’s expert teachers will guide you safely and provide clear instruction grounded in their knowledge of movement and biomechanics. We invite you to experience the amazing grace that abides in the heart of yoga. When it comes to cultivating and maintaining a lifelong whole healthy body, mind, and spirit, look no further than yoga.

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Coming Up

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