What are the studio policies?

Please refer to our Studio Policies page

Must I register in advance or can I just drop in?

Most of our classes are drop-in with no pre-registration required. Purchase a class pass (see Register on the menu), bring your receipt (printed, or show us on your phone) and drop in to any class on the daily schedule. You’ll sign-in at the studio when you arrive, and your attendance will be noted on your virtual pass. Certain “specialty” classes with limited enrollment are offered as a Class Series, with specific beginning and ending dates, and payment and registration in advance is requested. If you’d like to try a specialty class to see if it’s right for you, please contact the teacher directly or email info@omtownyoga.com

Which class is best for me?

We recommend trying a class that is convenient to your schedule and, if you can, to try several classes to find which most inspire you. We have several classes appropriate for new and beginning students described on the Classes page. Anyone can do Yoga!

Do I need to bring anything?

All props are provided, including yoga mats, blankets, blocks, straps and more. And you are welcome to bring your own, especially your own mat. We provide a safe cleaning spray for you to wipe mats after class. We also have good-quality mats for sale at the studio. We do not provide storage for your personal props.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, non-binding but not-too-baggy, clean clothing that allows freedom of movement and a clear view or outline of your knees. T-shirt/tank and shorts or leggings are fine. We work in bare feet. We have a small changing room and restroom. Please no perfume, scents or heavy jewelry.

Can I practice on an empty, or full, stomach?

It’s best to refrain from eating at least one to two hours before class. If you need some “fuel” before class, have a light snack. We keep some emergency snacks and juice on hand. Always let your teacher know if you feel light-headed or faint, and rest if you need to. You can bring water in a closed container into the yoga room and we have filtered water available.

What if I arrive late or I have to leave early or I'm on call?

Classes begin and end on time. If you do arrive late and the class has already settled into quiet sitting, you can sign in at the desk and then wait quietly and patiently for a signal from the teacher to come into the classroom. If you must leave a class before its ending time, please let the instructor know beforehand and, optimally, leave quietly before shavasana (corpse pose). Leave your silenced cell phone with your shoes in the lobby area. If you’re on call and must vibrate, please let the teacher know.